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Fill Your Easter Basket & Support Small Business At The Same Time

Posted by Katie Adams on

Easter is only a couple of weeks away, and it doesn't look like Easter egg hunts and family get togethers are going to be wise this year. But that doesn't mean you can't put together a really great Easter basket for your kids! Here are some fabulous products from small businesses that your kids (of all ages) will love.

Instead of buying a throw away basket to put all the goodies in, consider a handmade "Bunny Bucket" from Eme Handmade.

She's taking custom orders just until the end of March, so hurry if you want one! 

  A headband or scrunchie from Willey Bandz makes a fun and functional gift for all ages.

They come in lots of different patterns and I can tell you the headbands really do stay in place, no matter what you are doing!
Kittd is a Cedar Rapids business that makes travel games for kids. This Robo Tic-Tac-Toe game is small and portable, and it's magnetic so pieces don't get lost!

Strung by Shawna has a couple of Easter-themed mini string art kits, including these eggs and an Easter bunny.

There are many other designs, though - the rainbow, unicorn, simple shapes, and food themed kits are all really cute!

Older kids might enjoy an embroidery or cross stitch kit.

Crafted Quad Cities has a few options available on their website. This particular kit uses basic stitches, so it would be appropriate for a beginner.

Lu and Ed is about to list a bunch of limited edition bunny eared monster toys. Watch her website on April 4th if you want to snag one (they sell out fast!).

Each monster is one of a kind and sustainably created using textile discards.

HP Boutiques has a handful of these adorable bunny dolls (and lamb dolls) available.

Choose from dolls wearing overalls or dresses to match your child's style.

Lip balms are perfect for tossing into Easter baskets - they are small and come in lots of kid friendly flavors. 

Our lip balms are made with soothing lanolin, which is a must for extra dry lips. 

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