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How Thumbprint Soap Is Earth Conscious

22 April, 2022

            Kermit the Frog

As a small business, it's difficult to be 100% green and still offer affordable products. We have researched different ways to be plastic-free and looked into biodegradable plastics, but the options weren't great. So while we still offer a few products in plastic packaging, we do our best to offset this by being environmentally conscious in other ways.

We Don't Buy Palm Oil

The harvesting of palm oil contributes to deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia, which is leading to much higher carbon emissions from that area of the world. This deforestation is driving orangutans and other animals to extinction. The palm oil industry is also rife with human labor exploitation.

There is just one caveat...Sometimes when an ingredient can be derived from several different sources, manufacturers will choose to use palm oil instead of one of the alternatives (or switch back and forth). It's hard to know when they do this because the ingredient name stays the same. But we do the best we can.

We Minimize Our Use of Essential Oils

Because essential oils are so prolific right now, several of the plants they are derived from are being overharvested and face potential extinction. People don't realize just how much plant material is required to make a tiny bottle of essential oil (10,000 roses for one 15 ml bottle). Several wild harvested plants used for essential oils are considered to be a threatened species - these include sandalwood, rosewood, atlas cedarwood, spikenard, frankincense, myrrh, palo santo and others. 

We Offer Carbon Neutral Shipping

At checkout, every customer has the option of choosing to add carbon neutral shipping to their order. This means they can pay a few extra cents and that money goes toward one of a variety of accredited carbon mitigation projects and initiatives to offset the carbon usage of that order.

Earth Conscious Mailing Practices

Many of the supplies we purchase have packing materials inside. In an effort to reduce waste, we simply reuse these materials when packing up our orders. This is why your order might include any of the following: biodegradable packing peanuts, packing paper, bubble wrap, crinkle paper or air pillows. 

A majority of our orders are mailed in cardboard boxes or 100% recyclable paper-filled mailing envelopes. There are a few exceptions for odd sized items.

Soap Boxes

We used to shrink wrap our soaps, but now we use sturdy cardboard boxes to protect them. These are recyclable.

Behind The Scenes

Many soap makers use paper towels to wipe out their soap making containers, because it's messy and this is the easy way to do it; but we just can't bear to waste so much paper. We have a ton of rags for this purpose, which we painstakingly clean and reuse (they have to be soaked in two 5 gallon buckets with dish soap in very hot water, which gets dumped outside, then they are run through the wash machine on the "extra hot, extra dirty" cycle). 

All glass bottles from fragrance oils or unsold product get soaked in Oxiclean to remove the labels and put through the dishwasher to be reused for other purposes.

Lip balm can't be cleaned up with towels, because the beeswax won't come out; but the paper towels used to wipe out the pot are saved and used as fire starters.