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Unique Gift Ideas For Men Who Are Hard To Shop For

11 November, 2019 |

            Image of leather wallets

We all know a man who is hard to shop for. Perhaps because he just buys whatever he wants and doesn't need anything or maybe because we don't have enough in common with him to understand his wants. Whatever the reason, hopefully these gift ideas will give you a place to start when shopping for this particular person.

The Lukah Slimline Minimalist Card Wallet from Ruka makes a wonderful gift for anyone who likes to travel light. 

These are beautifully constructed with vegan tanned leather and natural dyes. Sarah hand stitches each wallet herself.

I met Sarah through Iowa craft shows and have a Ruka purse that I love.

This Dark Honey & Tobacco candle from Sarah at Barn Wood Candle Co. has a rich intoxicating aroma of honey flower, crushed tobacco, warm amber, tonka bean and sandalwood. Combined with hints of patchouli, leather and bourbon on the rocks. Perfect for the distinguished gentleman who likes a little ambiance.

I have multiple of Sarah's candles in my home and they are wonderful.


Do you know someone who is just obsessed with HBO's Game of Thrones? Does he also enjoy grilling? Then this Dinner Is Coming apron from Sew-Geek is the perfect gift to show just how well you "get" him.

Check out Claudia's coffee mug selectionwhile you're there, if you're shopping for someone who loves witchy stuff. And bonus: she donates 5% of sales to charity!

Whether he loves pop culture, gaming or geekery, Freak + Pocky has the perfect gift selection.

Kelly makes handcrafted collectibles inspired by your favorite fandoms. Choose from crocheted poppets, t-shirts, vinyl decals and more. 

Just look at this Baby Demogorgon poppet! No Stranger Things lover could resist this. 

Are you shopping for a music lover? This sound wave ring from Ashley Lozano Jewelry can be customized with your loved one's favorite song or any other audio clip.

Ashley also offers this design as a bracelet, necklace and bottle opener. Her specialty is memorial jewelry for lost loved ones and pets.

As someone with a really great step-dad, I appreciate the sentiment of this keychain from Kasadie Hand Stamped Jewelry. But you can use a customized message for your gift recipient! Choose from different keychain styles, including bottle openers.

Cristy offers hand-stamped necklaces and bracelets that make great womens' gifts, too!

Chances are you know someone with a beard. Did you know that beard oil helps tame frizz, moisturizes the face (preventing dandruff) and gives facial hair a nice sheen? He may not know he needs this; but trust us, he does.

At Thumbprint Soap we carry a selection of beard grooming products and a number of men's soaps.

We all know someone who always has their nose in a book (or e-reader). Bertie's Closet makes padded covers for e-readers, tablets and laptops.

I love the pocket on this cover, it's nice to be able to tuck your phone into it when you are off to read in the park.

Wooden Element provides a contemporary array of sustainable wood products that go against the grain. They offer a collection of handcrafted wooden watches, rings, bowties, sunglasses and more.

My husband has both a wristwatch and a ring from this Illinois company. 

Do you know someone with a beard that needs a good washing? Maybe they work somewhere that the odors of the job seep into everything or their beard just smells like whatever they eat. 

The beard washes from Whiskey 'N Hardtack are the perfect solution. They carry an entire line of men's bath and body products, including body balms and mustache wax.