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PBR Soap Novelty Bar

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***PLEASE BE AWARE: The batch of soap currently being sold is still curing. If you are giving it as a Christmas gift, that's perfect, as the soaps will be ready by then. If you are planning to use before Christmas just know that while it is perfectly safe to use, soaps used before their cure date will not last as long in the shower and will not be quite as gentle on the skin.***

People's Beer Rinse is a soap made with PBR beer and scented with an authentic beer scent - this is the perfect novelty gift for a beer lover, particularly a Pabst lover.

4 oz bar.

PBR Soap Ingredients: Lard, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, coconut oil, tallow, sodium hydroxide (lye), cocoa butter, castor oil, fragrance, aloe vera, titanium dioxide


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