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7 Day (Type) Candles for Altars or Spells | Glass Jar Prayer Candle


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These prayer candles are made from 100% organic USA-grown soy wax. Most 7 day style candles on the market are made from paraffin. These 18 oz unscented altar candles are natural, clean-burning, vegan, plant-based and have 100% cotton wicks. 

We chose not to scent these candles, because scents can have powerful connotations and these candles are intended to be used in a way that is personal to the individual. You can be assured that a scent isn't going to interfere with your intentions.

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Note: Based on experiment, these candles burn approximately 120 hours, but it is not recommended to burn it 120 hours straight. For safety reasons, burn candles 3-4 hours straight only and trim the wick before each use. The glass will get hot to the touch, so use caution when handling. Only burn the candle where it will not be disturbed by children or pets and cannot come in contact with anything flammable.

Candles poured by Aliana by Design and designed by Thumbprint Soap.