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Chevron Amethyst Tumbled Stones | Third Eye Chakra | Banded/Dogtooth Amethyst

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Chevron Amethyst is a combination of Amethyst and Quartz in a lovely banded pattern. Quartz is known to amplify the properties of any stone it is paired with, so this kind of Amethyst is extra powerful. Amethyst and Quartz are both excellent stones for working with the third eye. Try using it to enhance your meditation practice or to cleanse your aura. These Banded Amethyst stones are between .5 and 1.25 inch in diameter. The colors vary from stone to stone, featuring shades of light or dark Purple, White, Gray, Black and/or Brown. Listing is for 1 Amethyst stone or a 1/4 lb bag (23 pieces). Please choose the size/quantity stone you would like from the dropdown menu.

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