Lilac Lepidolite Tumbled Stones | Large Purple Tumbles | Polished Lepi – Thumbprint Soap

Lilac Lepidolite Tumbled Stones | Large Purple Tumbles | Polished Lepidolite | Third Eye Chakra | Heart Chakra | Relaxing Stone

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Lepidolite activates the third eye and heart chakras and is useful in balancing one's emotions and calming the mind. It allows one to relax, let go of concerns, and find an emotional center during turbulent times. Lepidolite is a stone of serenity, associated with the water element; therefore it is quite effective at helping calm the energy field when placed in a warm, candlelit bath. This stone assists a person in living in the moment, rather than always fussing over the past or the future. This information is according to "The Book of Stones," by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, and we are required to inform you that this information should be regarded as entertainment, not medical advice. The colors vary from stone to stone, featuring shades of purple, green, black and/or white. Listing is for 1 stone. Medium size is .45 - .8 oz Large size is .90 - 1.2 oz XL size is 1.35 - 1.75 oz

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