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Soap by the Pound

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Do you love handmade soaps but want to save some money? When you order soap by the pound, not only are you getting a variety of excellent quality handmade soaps, you are getting them for almost half the price. These sample sets come in a variety of sizes, shapes and scents. Some are not full size bars, but most of them will be.

Because bulk soap is measured by the pound, the number of pieces in your order will vary. You will receive an assortment of scented and unscented soaps, mens' and womens' soaps, essential oil soaps, and vegan/not vegan soaps.

These bars will will be selected at random and will not be labeled. Soaps are placed in a tied cello bag for protection.

Listing is for 1 pound of soap odds and ends.

All soaps are: 

  • Palm-Free
  • Detergent-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Phthalate-Free

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