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Handmade soaps are pretty, but they are not meant for decoration! Please bathe with them and discover why homemade soap is superior to store-bought detergent-style bars. Your skin will love you for it, and we promise to make more when you run out.

Our handmade soap is made completely from scratch, combining high quality raw ingredients like oils, butters and aloe vera in original recipes developed in-house. Our bar soaps are palm-free, so we use a combination of cocoa butter and mango butter to increase the hardness of our bars (which also extends the life of the soap).

Body Positive Bath and Body Products

We believe everyone should be proud of who they are. You are amazingly beautiful, not in spite of, but because of your quirks and unique features. Unique is beautiful.

Thumbprint Soap products are made in small batches in Cedar Rapids, IA. They are formulated for sensitive skin and are free of the nasties that many store brands contain. Your skin deserves better!

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