Thumbprint Soap Wholesale Information

Wholesale Information

Shop Wholesale With Thumbprint Soap

We are currently handling our wholesale orders through two online marketplaces - Stockabl and Boutsy. Through Stockabl we are able to offer you net 60 terms. Through Boutsy we are able to offer 6 month financing and net 90 terms.

Our order minimum is $150. Buyer is responsible for shipping. 

We will deliver orders within a 2 hour drive of Cedar Rapids, IA. On these orders we will have the shipping removed before you are charged. If you wish to pay in full by check (delivery orders only), please do not checkout on the marketplaces. Just email us a list of the products you want to and we'll send you an invoice.

Reorder Minimum

Our wholesale reorder minimum is $75. If you find the marketplace doesn't let you do this, just email us a list of the products you want and we'll send you an invoice. 

Notes on Availability

If we do not have the quantity in stock that you want, please contact us about availability. Most out of stock products can be made & shipped within 1-2 weeks of your order.

Soap requires 5 weeks of curing time after production. A minimum 6 week lead time is required for custom and private label soap orders (this does not include shipping time). Communication regarding delivery date will be provided when your order is received. If soaps are in stock, there is no wait time.

Items are made by hand and some variation is to be expected. We reserve the right to change the color/design of our standard soaps between batches, though size and scent will remain consistent. Bars are approximately 4 oz each.

Products cannot be returned once purchased. Handcrafted soap improves with age, but scents do fade over time. Soaps are prime for up to 6 months, and scent should be acceptable (though lighter) for up to a year. Other products have a 1-2 year shelf life.

Thumbprint Soap prides itself on making products of excellent quality, safety and consistency. If at any time you have an issue with any product, please contact us so that we can do our best to make it right.

Private Label

A 30% down payment is required for custom and private label orders. All orders must be paid in full before delivery. 

Private label means that we design the product labels using your branding so that it fits in well with the products you produce yourself. These cannot be purchased on Stockable. Private label products have an additional surcharge to cover graphic design costs. 

  • First product purchased (say, soaps) – one time $35 design surcharge. No charge for additional scents.
  • Second product purchased (say, lip balms) – one time $10 design surcharge

There is no design surcharge for future orders of the same product type unless a redesign is requested. If you prefer do design your labels in house, these fees will be waived.

Terms may be adjusted if production costs change for any reason. Thank you for considering a wholesale purchase with Thumbprint Soap.


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