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Our Soaps Will Be Transitioning Away From All Vegan

08 September, 2022

            Our Soaps Will Be Transitioning Away From All Vegan

I apologize to my die hard customers who are vegan. All of my costs have gone up over the last 2 years, but olive oil is the most significant. The only solution I have right now is to swap it out for animal fat.

For perspective, 1 lb of lard costs $1.72, whereas 1 lb of olive oil costs $2.40. Purchased in 30 lb increments that's a difference of $51.60 vs. $72. 

Olive Oil Prices Are Going To Keep Increasing

The price of olive oil is highly unstable. It has gone up $5.50 per gallon since January. It is forecasted to rise an additional 20-25% over the next 3-4 months. I'd like to stay in business, so I have to eliminate olive oil from my recipe for now so I don't have to increase the price of my soaps.

Olive Oil Forecasting Info

Lard vs. Palm Oil

I could use conventional palm oil instead of lard to stay vegan (it's about the same price), but palm harvesting destroys the habitats of countless animals (not to mention child & worker exploitation). Using lard helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the meat industry by eliminating waste.

Palm Oil Info

Why Not Use Sustainable Palm Oil?

Unfortunately, inflation is affecting sustainable palm oil pricing just as badly as olive oil. In fact, I would say it is worse. My usual supplier is currently charging the same price as the olive oil I need to replace, but other suppliers are charging outrageously inflated prices. I would still have to raise my prices if I switched to sustainable palm.

I hope you can all understand why I'm making this choice. I will still take custom orders for vegan soaps, just contact me & we can discuss. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask. But FYI...lard makes an amazing bar of soap!

Silver Lining!

A few soaps will have to stay vegan. A few fragrances and ingredients are finicky and thicken the soap really fast. I will keep these soaps olive oil based so they are easier to make. Included are the Cedar Rapids Smells varieties and beer soaps. I'll create a vegan section for these.