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Stockist Spotlight: White Rabbit

Posted by Katie Adams on

This is the fourth in a series of posts that talk about the stores that carry my products. I had known about a cool little shop in Iowa City through a fellow crafter who works there part-time. I chatted her up about it one day and she thought I should definitely reach out to the manager, Molly. I did so and Thumbprint Soap products have been available at White Rabbit since the end of summer 2018. First, as a small collection; and now as a pretty large collection!

About White Rabbit

White Rabbit is owned by Katie Gallegos and managed by Molly Freeman. It is an eclectic shop in the middle of campustown in Iowa City that was first opened in 2006. These ladies have curated a store that aligns with the times and keeps people coming back time and again. They carry an ever changing repertoire of trendy apparel, feminist and LGBTQ themed-products, items with a witchy vibe, and a cool array of unique handmade products. I find it hard not to walk out of there with new purchases every time I visit.

Scroll through the photos below to see the kinds of items White Rabbit carries in their store:

White Rabbit Iowa City

White Rabbit carries products from a few of our area favorites:

Where to Find White Rabbit

The store is located at:
112 S. Linn Street Iowa City, IA 52240

Check them out on social media:

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